A Specialty Boarding School for Teens
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Freedom Mountain Academy is a nine-month, co-educational boarding school for 20 students aged 14-18. Students leave behind the distractions of contemporary society and enter an exciting, comprehensive program combining academic study, farm work, and wilderness adventure, which has been designed to reawaken their inherent love of learning and untapped potential.
Located among the beautiful mountains of northeast Tennessee, Freedom Mountain Academy provides a secure, healthy haven where teens—whether motivated and excited achievers, or teenagers struggling to stay inspired about their schools and futures—have a chance to be excellent and to reawaken the belief in themselves they once held as children.
Our secluded, rustic, family-style campus and multi-platform experiential environment provides students with a space to explore their individual potential and experience adventures of the mind and body that stimulate their natural curiosity and develop their genuine personality and character.

Freedom Mountain Academy provides students with:

  • A fine traditional education relevant to life in the world today
  • Small classes with one-on-one personal attention from instructors
  • A close-knit relationship between students and instructors
  • Daily group meetings to explore more productive ways to face life’s challenges
  • Pleasant, private rooms in a rustic and comfortable lodge
  • Staggered schedules and continual activity to channel energy and enthusiasm in productive ways

Freedom Mountain Academy is a place where teens will develop:

  • More intellectual curiosity and a willingness to spend time thinking and learning on their own
  • Better problem solving skills and a desire to get the most out of each experience.
  • Increased patience and understanding
  • Greater compassion and increased caring and courtesy
  • A willingness to work hard and experience joy even in small achievements
  • A desire to build greater harmony within their community by looking for the good in others and in their environment
  • A greater respect for nature, and behavior that does not destroy or defile

st-logo-250 (2)Freedom Mountain Academy is proud to announce our partnership with Saving Teens in Crisis Collaborative. SavingTeens is a philanthropic organization dedicated to assisting troubled teens and their families struggling with significant emotional and behavioral challenges including anxiety, depressions, addictions and other risky behaviors.

Working in close collaboration with the therapeutic community, SavingTeens provides financial and other support to families of teens in crisis.

For more information on how Freedom Mountain Academy and SavingTeens can help  you contact them here.