Of course ya’ll are wondering, “How could someone fit into a backpack?”

Well this ain’t no ordinary backpack, it is our hiking pack and when filled it weighs…um…let’s see…TEN MILLION POUNDS! And we have to hike up hills with it on!

The thing is I can fit inside my pack without any effort on my part, so I wish the pack could carry me instead of me carrying it. That darn thing is going to give me a back hemorrhage! If worst comes to worst though, I bribe other people into carrying my stuff.

With all that gear to carry, you can’t really fit inside the backpack any more. I mean we have to carry clothes, bandannas, toiletries, flashlights, raingear and a whole bunch more! So what’s really the point in all this? To start it builds character and muscles. It also makes everyone else “shrink”, which gives me, the shortest student ever to exist at FMA, a chance to grow and be taller than everyone else. Yippy! Yay me!

It still amazes me every time we go on expedition. I have trouble getting all of my stuff in the pack, but I fit just great! Well I guess that’s what I get for being sooooooo small.

One Response to A Backpack I Can fit In! by Sarah T.

  1. Tighe says:

    Hi Sarah!
    You look great in the pictures and we miss seeing you! Hope to see you when you get out of school. Remember that we all think about you often!
    Love, Aunt Judy, Uncle Dan, Erin, Nolan, and Davis

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