Being on the Kitchen Crew, you have lots of good experiences to look back on, but sometimes the worst day can teach you the most. If you let it, it can be pretty funny, too.
My worst day in the kitchen started off badly because I woke up 20 minutes late, looked at the clock, and rushed upstairs to get the fire going. Ms. Sierra let me be the first in the kitchen rather than bailing me out by getting things going at the right time.
The first thing on my “brain”(menu planner) was to start mixing the wet and dry ingredients for coffee cake. I thought I had done that perfectly, so I set it aside. Then I put out the water for hot drinks, which was supposed to be hot, but was more like tepid.
My menu said to make 9 Grain cereal, so I started it, but when Ms. Sierra saw that bugs had gotten in the container, we gave it to the pig. I started oatmeal instead.
Next I realized I needed eggs for the coffee cake, but there weren’t any in the refrigerator. So, in the dark and rain, I ran downstairs to see if there were any in the basement refrigerator. There weren’t. I ran to the chicken coop, very unhappy in the rain, but when I saw the ducks playing in the water, it lifted my spirits a lot. I got the eggs and thought all was well.
Then I realized did not have any milk. I asked Ms. Ava what I should do, and she told me to use powdered milk. She asked me what I needed it for, and I told her I was going to serve it with breakfast. When she realized I didn’t need it for cooking, she said that we just wouldn’t serve milk. So, we had no milk to drink.
I checked the coffee cake, in the oven, just before breakfast, and discovered it was burned to a crisp. Wrong cereal, no milk, charred coffee cake – what a meal!
From that morning’s mishaps, I learned the importance of being prepared; I learned to check to make sure I have what I need, and I learned to pay attention to what I am doing. Those are lessons that work for more than just the kitchen – they’re life lessons.

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