I awoke to the sun rising behind the mountains, exploding in a bright red streaked with orange, yellow and white against the spreading blue, like a tapestry flowing in the wind. I thought to myself, “Why don’t I ever see the sun and the mountains like this?”

That afternoon it started to rain. Sitting on the deck, watching a magnificent puddle forming on the wood, each drop of water holding itself together as it fell through the air, its only destination the puddle, I thought to myself, “Why don’t I ever see the rain this way?”

That evening, the rain cleared and the sun and the moon came out. Lying in the front yard looking up at the thousands of diamonds spreading across the world, I watched them moving with the music of the wind chimes blowing in the gentle breeze.

I stood up and started to dance with the stars, thinking, “I know why I have never seen it this way!”

I stopped dancing and looked up at the night sky and said, “Because my eyes have been closed to true beauty.”

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