“Let us spend one day as deliberately as nature, and not be thrown off the track by every nutshell and mosquito wing that falls on the rail.”—Henry David Thoreau

Getting distracted by inconsequential nuisances will not help me be a better person. It detracts from my ability to perform. When I get distracted, I lose sight of my original goal. Henry David Thoreau likens nature to a train in this regard, saying that the train would derail if it focused on every little thing that fell on the rail. This, I feel, has happened to me far too many times.

Following this advice, I can see that my explosive temper will be softened. It will also improve my relationships with those at whom I explode. When I remember this advice, I am more considerate of others, and trespass less. I think that these nuisances that land on my rail will lessen in significance the more I incorporate Thoreau’s words into my life. These ideas can help anyone, but they will help me.

The first step to incorporating this into my life is to remember it.  Next I must I increase my self control.   Once I accomplish this, all else will fall into place.  I will be living a more harmonious life. With self-control as my guide, I can’t lose.

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