Pat F.: Aaron just recently spent his break in Costa Rica, and while he was there he stayed with a foster family. Is that what it’s called?
Aaron D.: A host family
PF: A host family. And you worked on building homes for the poor right?
AD: I did.
PF: So why don’t you tell us a little about Costa Rica, what was your favorite thing about it?
AD: My favorite thing would have to be the nightclubs down there. They were free and full of good music and friendly people.
PF: Sounds like you really liked the culture huh?
AD: Oh it’s great.
PF: What about your host family, what were they like?
AD: Well, they were really nice. They made me food every morning, lunch and dinner. I just
couldn’t understand them. I couldn’t speak Spanish and they didn’t speak English.
PF: Was the language barrier hard to deal with?
AD: It got frustrating sometimes but most of us understood that it was frustrating so it went pretty good.
PF: What about the homes you built? What organization did you do that for?
AD: I went to a program called Eye-to-Eye. Building the house was a great experience. I would definitely lace up my boots and go back down there. The people were great; we had a little fiesta for Christmas down there on the building site. It was good, Pat.
PF: What was the hardest thing for you to do on the house building?
AD: Well I had to dig a hole. It was about five feet long and I’m gonna say six feet deep. Uh, and the shovels were broken.
PF: I heard you had to take a long bus ride to get there, is that right?
AD: Yeah the bus ride was about 45 minutes but it was great. There was a lot of scenery. Sometimes you had to stand, and that wasn’t so great but the rest was fantastic.
PF: So why don’t you tell us a little about the beaches down there, how was that?
AD: Well Pat, the chicks on the beach were excellent. Um, yeah they were just outstanding in their bikinis. They sold really cool drinks down there, like popsicle icesicle drinks. They were great; I had like 20 of those.
PF: Did you ever go to a Costa Rican market and buy some interesting items?
AD: I’m gonna tell you the truth Pat, I didn’t. When they start speaking Spanish really fast, it scared me a little bit. I went to the supermarket.
PF: All right what about this souvenir you brought back?
AD: It was actually a gift from the family that I was building the house with. They were there helping me, and they really appreciated it. It was really great. You know, approval is the key to life.
PF: No, I didn’t know that.
AD: (Laughing) Yeah neither did I Pat
PF: So why did you decide to go on this program?
AD: Well, Pat it was because…actually, I didn’t. I just wanted to go home.
PF: But it was a fun experience at least?
AD: Oh it was a great experience Pat. It was really great. I will remember it for the rest of my life.
PF: Would you say that it was life changing?
AD: (Laughing)I’m gonna say no.
PF: Thanks Aaron for telling us about Costa Rica.
AD: It was great talking with you Pat.

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