Accountability is a comprehensive list or accounting of all my actions, but it means more than that. It means by taking responsibility for my choices I can make things better than they are now, or it can mean just the opposite. For example, if I do one bad thing, then I get an outcome that is bad. On the other hand, if I do something good and get a good outcome, I can do more of that and get more good. Taking accountability is how I learn to make a difference in what outcomes I get.

It’s simple. If you don’t want bad outcomes, don’t make bad choices, but if you do good things, keep doing them because a good outcome is always better than a bad one.

James Allen says, “All a man achieves and all that he fails to achieve is the direct result of his own thoughts.” What he is saying is that how you act comes from how you think, and how you act determines how you will achieve. All I achieve and all I fail to achieve are the result of the thoughts I choose to think.

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