Being accountable is how I learn to stop ending up in the swamp when I want to end up at the beach. For example, I need to show my family that I actually care for them. I need to show them love, respect, and honesty, and, in return, I will continue to get support and compassion from them. I need to stop lying to them and stealing from them because sooner or later they are not going to continue supporting me. If that happens it may be too late to repair the relationship.

Accountability can benefit me by helping me see when I am making bad decisions. In my life I have made some good choices and some bad ones. I have made my fair share of trips to “the swamp” as a result of those bad choices. In order to get to “the beach,” I need to look at my good choices and make more of them instead of continuing to make the same mistakes that have taken me to “the swamp” over and over. By seeing the connection between my thoughts and the choices I make, I can make important changes that will lead me to a more successful life.

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