This Christmas break was one of the strangest ones yet, because I was the only student to spend Christmas day here at school.
I should mention that I’m not only a student at FMA; I’m also the grandson of the directors. My mom is a graduate of Academy of the Rockies, and since I was a small child, Freedom Mountain Academy has been, for me, my grandparent’s house. That changed this year, when I became a student. Suddenly my grandfather was Mr. Kevin, my grandmother was Ms. Patricia, my cousin was Ms. Sierra, and my aunt and uncles were Ms. Margaret, Mr. Mike, and Mr. Dan.
But back to Christmas break. Ms. Sierra, who was now my cousin Sierra, and I left school on Saturday, and made it home to Columbus NC in about four hours. The first week of Christmas break went by in a blur. I barely remember it, that’s how fast it went. Then, on Christmas day, as we have every year since I was little, my parents and I drove up and over the mountains to spend Christmas at my Grandparents. Only this year that meant returning to school.
I will admit, for the first time, I wasn’t happy about making the trip. When we arrived, we were greeted by my grandparents, who were now just my grandparents, and uncle, who was now just my uncle, and my cousin, who was now just my cousin. I was glad to see them all, but it was strange being there, without any of my fellow students around.
It was also kind of embarrassing when I kept calling my cousin Ms. Sierra, and my uncle Mr. Dan.

All in all, it was a good Christmas, but it was a strange experience that I’m not likely to forget.

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  1. That was a fun account of your Christmas vacation, Patrick! But you don't need to be embarassed – ask your mom if she ever goofed at Carden Hall and said "Mom" instead of "Mrs. Gilbert," or vice versa. In fact, all of our children had to call us "Mrs…." when school was in session…and sometimes there were goofs like, "Mom…er Mrs…." And just between us, I know that your relatives are loving having you there as a student. It sounds like you are making the most of this very special experience. I only wish I had been eligible to go to AR or FMA, but alas, I was too old. Enjoy!!

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