When we got to FMA there were nine goats, seven cows, six cats, four ducks, three pigs, one dog, and more chickens than I am willing to count. The neighbors dog, Bill Taylor, a satanic flock of wild turkeys with whom I have had many bad experiences in “Aidan’s Hole,” on top of the hill, and the clown cows who live next door with Bill, complete the animal community at FMA.

As Spring Break nears, after slaughtering some for food, some sick ones dying out, and new births and purchases, we have 13 pigs (2 old,) 9 goats, 7 cows( 3 old,) 6 same old cats, 4 ducks that refuse to fly or do anything to change their duck lives, a lot less chickens, and loveable Zoey (the dog).

Newborns are a big deal at FMA. At the end of February, we were graced with a new Jersey milk cow and her bull calf, and Sweetie’s litter of nine pink piglets. So, life goes on for some (RIP: George, Buck, White Chocolate, and about 80 chickens), but for the rest it’s long days and cool nights in a waiting game for the day the freezer beckons.

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