Recently, in morning meeting, we thought about, and wrote down our “someday dreams.” Here is mine.

I want to have a music festival in New York City. It will be bigger and louder than even the New Year’s Eve celebration. Every genre of music has a culture that follows it, so why not bring the best of music together for a big celebration? Who cares what differences we have, let’s turn up the music and party under the moon.

As the organizer of this event, I want to put underground artists on stage to give them a chance to make it big. The festival will not require police of any kind, because it is a festival of freedom, energy, and music, and will not be the usual concert of violence and drama. We’re able to listen to music freely, and my festival will be a place of love and appreciation for this fact.

Of course this festival will feature my own music, but it will also feature the music of all my musician friends. My dream is for this festival to become a huge success so that I can do it yearly in different parts of the world as a celebration of life.

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