The only thing that I can control is my attitude towards what I am given in life. Take the past expedition for example. For the first couple of days, I had a crummy attitude toward the expedition, and I had a very dull and dreary experience. I admit it; I wanted out. But once I realized that I was the one who was letting the situation make it uncomfortable for me, I was able to change my attitude toward the weather and the food, and I had a relatively good time.

I think that the only way we can truly achieve freedom is when we have freed ourselves from bad attitudes, because they not only harm us, but they harm the people around us as well. One amazing example of how our attitudes can affect the people around us is a scene from the movie, Braveheart. At the beginning of this battle of epic proportions, William Wallace’s attitude of perseverance and strength radiated outward to the troops, who were beginning to lose heart in their cause. Wallace was able to give them faith in what they were fighting for by showing them, through his own attitude, why they should be fighting, not running away. All in all, I have realized that my attitude is the key to a free and wonderful life.

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  1. jsariego says:

    “We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world.” The Buddha


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