When I first came to FMA I hated it. I did everything reluctantly. When I came here I was not used to doing homework because I had gotten into the habit at my old school, if I went to school at all, of not doing the work. Not that smart a choice. In the beginning of the FMA year, I did my homework even though I found some of it challenging, but as the year progressed and the work got harder, I fell into my old habits again. Well, not the part about not coming to school because I live here, but I stopped doing my homework because it seemed easier. I soon noticed however, that I was spending a lot of extra time outside working, cleaning up cow pies, and splitting wood. I gradually had no free time as my privileges were taken away, and I found myself spending a lot of time in my room. 
     That was when I noticed that it was actually a lot easier to do the homework, and it not only makes me happier, but it makes the teachers and the friends I have made here happier as well. Now, even though I am doing my homework, I am still trying to dig myself out of the hole I dug for myself by not doing my work. So, what I’ve learned is that sometimes you just have to do the dang work, and everything just seems to work out better.

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