What are gods? They are what human’s create and believe in, in order to gain spiritual strength. This premise is at the heart of Neil Gaiman’s novel American Gods. Known for creating the popular Sandman series of graphic novels, Gaiman’s novel explores what happens when god’s lose their significance. Do they die? What takes their place?

This story center around a man named Shadow, who is returning home to start a new life after being released from jail. On the way, he is approached by a mysterious man who calls himself Mr. Wednesday, and who offers Shadow a job. Through Shadow the book takes us on a journey of events, leading up to war between the forgotten gods of the old, and the new “American Gods” of television, computers, and others including a federal organization similar to the FBI, which exists only because people believe it exists.

Gaiman has incorporated extensive mythological history in compiling the gods of this book, blending Norse, African, Egyptian, Albanian, and many, many more mythologies.
This book earns a 5 (out of 5) star rating because it is rich, entertaining, and has a purely original story line. It has fascinating characters that enrich the story as a whole, in a classic blend of old and new mythology. Throughout the book, there is use of actual landmarks in America, which is outstanding. This book is truly a treasure, and I am glad we have someone with as great a mind as Neil Gaiman. I recommend this book to all readers ages 13 and above.

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