Bone is a graphic novel in which Dragons with goatees smoke, and “stupid, stupid rat creatures” try to eat “small mammals.”

     When cousins Fone, Smiley, and Phoney Bone are chased out of Boneville, because of Phone’s scheme to build an orphanage on a hazardous waste landfill, they become involved in an epic story.
     After a giant cloud of locusts separates the cousins, and winter literally falls out of the sky in one giant lump, Fone meets Thorne and her grandmother, Gran’ma Ben, and stays with them in their valley home near the village of Barrelhaven. 
     The Bones are reunited in the spring, just in time to find themselves in the middle of a huge war between the king of the Rat Creatures, and the residents of the valley who turn out to be a lot more than they first seemed to be.
     Bone is sometimes very funny, and at other times suspenseful and exciting. I recommend it to all fans of graphic novels and great storytelling.

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  1. Ron B says:

    Nice job Joshua!!!!

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