In a world where whales are airships and storm walkers are real, the adventure begins in 1905. Join Deryn Sharp and Alek, the son of Archduke Ferdinand, in this amazing book called Leviathan.

Deryn wants to join the Royal Air Force, but in order to do so she must pretend to be a boy named Dylan. During training a freak storm causes her ship (which is actually a giant jellyfish) to crash, and she joins the crew of the Leviathan, a massive airship, which is actually a whale.

Meanwhile, Alek, who is on the run after his parents are killed, is hiding out in the Swiss Alps. When the Leviathan is attacked by German airplanes, it crash lands near where Alek is hiding, and he, against orders, helps the survivors of the crash, including Deryn. Despite his good intentions, Alek is captured by the crew of the Leviathan, and when his own crew comes to rescue him, it seems that fighting will break out. 

What happens next, I am just going to let you find out for yourself, in this exciting book by Scott Westerfeld. I give Leviathan five stars out of five.

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