Recently, while adjusting to life at FMA, and working to achieve Level One, I was required to read a book called Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl. I learned many things about life reading this book. I learned that in life, I should be grateful for the things I have. I learned, through Dr. Frankl’s inside look at the psychology of inmates in German concentration camps, that man can make an inner decision about who he will be in any situation. It’s a decision that will change him, and that change can either kill him or save him.

In truth, this book is not really a story. Frankl goes back and forth through time as he reflects on his own experiences as a prisoner in several concentration camps. Over and over he returns to the theme that in order to live through suffering you must make that inner decision about who you will be. You must think of your loved ones, and how they would tell you to push forward, to live just one more day.

This is how you beat the apathy of suffering.

As I read this book, a quote formed in my mind. “To live life, you are a critic, and without critics, there is no life.” When push comes to shove, suck it up and move on, though it may be hard. I know this myself. But, as I live my life, Frankl’s philosophy will be another of my many stepping stones.

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