The shocking, suspenseful novel Showdown by Ted Dekker tells of an epic struggle between good and evil.
     It is a mystery thriller that has a twist added in. Marsuvees Black is trying to control everyone in Paradise, Colorado, while a young man named Johnny Drake fights back against him. Not far from Paradise, in secret caverns under a monastery, Billy Reidiger is struggling against Samuel Abraham for control of a mysterious and powerful secret. How these two stories come together is the twist I mentioned earlier.
     Ted Dekker does an excellent job of showing how the battle between good and evil is all around us. This story is important to me because it shows that it doesn’t matter who or where you are, the battle is all around you and you might want to be ready for it.    
     If you like a good mystery thriller with lots of twists and turns, that also explores important themes, I highly recommend this book.

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