The Kin of Ata are Waiting for You was written by Dorothy Bryant. It was copyrighted in 1976 and co-published in 1997 by Random House and Moon Books. This paperback edition has 224 pages. 

Set on an island somewhere, this inspiring and imaginary fiction tells the story of a group of people who follow whatever their dreams tell them what to do. A man from America has a car crash as he wakes up he finds himself in a cave being cared for because of his injuries. After a while he finds himself following what they are doing and trying to fit in.

Although this is a fiction story, I had never read anything quite like it. People who had no electricity at all, no sense of the years, but knew from their dreams when they should be doing something. They used to plant wherever their dreams told them to in no specific order. Every morning before doing anything else they would share their dreams which someone else so it would be remembered. They had no writing system so everything was taken word of mouth. This book helped me see who I was in some aspects of following who and what I want to be because if they could prove themselves by dreams I could do that and other things. “You have only to want it, to believe it, and tonight when you close your eyes, you can begin your journey.”

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