The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgsen Burnett is definitely a classic for all ages. It is written in a smooth, easy to read style and has something to which everyone can relate.

Mary, the bold, willful, once spoiled, and friendless heroine, was shipped to England after both her parents had been killed in India. In her now home, owned by a distant uncle whom she has never before met, she feels all alone without many servants to coddle her and tie her shoes. She has no toys, or playmates, only mysterious gardens to explore. One day she hears about a secret garden, and, of course, is curious.

Along with her two new, and first, friends, Dicken, a poor, kind, animal whisperer who has experience in gardening, and her cousin Colin, a weak sickly boy whose sole focus is on his impending death, Mary begins to restore the secret garden behind the wall.
Mary changes in response to her environment and the people around her. Her attitude toward other people and the world changes, her cheeks grow more round, her hair thicker, and she becomes healthier in her mind, soul, and spirit. Colin, who gradually forgets how sick he thinks he is, also begins to enjoy the invigorating effects of being outdoors.
This book, which I read over the weekend, was very vivid and magical. After more than fifty years, this book still shines.

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