Imagine leaving your troubles behind to go on an adventure full of suspense, excitement, luxury, magic, talking animals, and witches. C.S. Lewis’ delightful fantasy The Silver Chair brings readers to a world filled with enchanting experiences as they travel with intriguing characters.

Jill, a young girl with a strong but stuck-up character, sets the conflict of the story in motion. Eustace, a kind boy of Jill’s age, leads her into the adventure and helps her along the way. After entering the kingdom of Narnia, through a magical door, the two children are sent on a quest to find its lost prince. They are aided by Puddleglum, a frog-like creature with a pessimistic outlook, who proves himself to be a steadfast friend and a perfect addition to the party of travelers as they trek across this mystical land encountering danger and surprises.

Reading this book made me feel passionately about what is good and true, while enjoying an exciting ride in a world of wonder.

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