The Narnia series is always fun to read. Here at FMA we read The Silver Chair in class. Although it can be read as an all-around adventure from start to finish, C.S. Lewis wrote it with a deeper meaning so all ages can enjoy it.

Two English schoolchildren embarked on a journey with their guide, a creature called a marsh-wiggle. Their task, given to them by a lion named Aslan, who created Narnia, was to save a lost prince. Aslan gives the children specific signs to follow in order to stay on course in their pursuit of the prince.

All kinds of challenges are thrown at them, and their will to stay true to the signs and follow them is tested. I found that all the events and characters in the book translated into a moral to take into the real world. It is that when we face the hardships of life, our commitment toward our own principles is tested, and it is only with discipline and strength that we can see clearly and remain true to them. I recommend The Silver Chair to anyone who wants an entertaining adventure story that comes with an important life lesson.

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