The Silver Chair by C.S. Lewis is a very meaningful story about not giving up no matter what. It taught me that when I’m going through challenging times I must keep moving forward and not give up despite how tempted I am.

In the book, the main characters, Jill and Eustace, two English school children, were given the task of finding Prince Rilian by Aslan, a very noble lion, who told them to not give up unless they had succeeded in their mission.

Puddleglum, a helpful marshwiggle, who traveled with them through Narnia, following the specific signs Aslan had given Jill, aided the children on their quest. The signs were: Eustace would meet an old and dear friend, and, when he did, they would have help on their journey. Second, they must journey out of Narnia, to the north, until they found the ruined city of the ancient giants. There, they would find writing upon a stone and they were to follow whatever it said. Lastly, Aslan said they would know the lost prince (if they found him) because he would be the first person they met in their travels to use Aslan’s name.

At first, Jill carefully remembered and followed the signs; however, when things got tough she became lazy and began to believe that the signs were never there. Puddleglum, the children’s faithful guide, was the one who helped Eustace and Jill move forward and not give up.

On their journey they encountered giants at Harfang Castle, where they went after meeting the mysterious Lady of the Green Kirtle who invited them to Harfang for the autumn. Hungry for warmth and comfort, the children forgot all about their mission to save Prince Rilian until they found out they were going to be eaten by the “friendly giants” at the autumn feast. At the castle, they suddenly remembered their instructions from Alsan and, once again working together, escaped.

While fleeing all three of them fell down a hole into what’s known as the Underworld, where for several days and nights, they had to travel in darkness. Upon arriving at the queen of the Underland’s castle, the rescuers freed Prince Rilian, after he had spoken Aslan’s name, and then narrowly escaped capture by the witch who tried enchanting them with potent charms. Fortunately, Puddleglum stamped out the magical fire, and he, Eustace and Rilian killed the witch after she had turned into an enormous serpent.

Upon the queen’s death all her spells were destroyed which set free all the gnomes and other strange Underland inhabitants. Prince Rilian and the children returned to the Overworld just in time to see the King’s homecoming. Even as his son, Rilian, arrived, the King, who was very ill, passed away. Aslan returned Jill and Eustace to England and their strange school, the Experiment House, with his congratulations.

This book illustrates the idea that when things get challenging we must not give up, but keep moving forward. It is very inspiring and I highly recommend this book if you have not already read it.

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