The Terror by Dan Simmons is a captivating work of historical fiction published by Little Brown and Company in 2007. In this novel’s 960 pages, the author tells the story of the lives of the crews of The Terror and The Erebus, two ships stranded in the ice near King William Sound in the years 1845 through 1851.

The men are slowly dying from the cold and lack of food, and to make matters worse, the ships are being attacked by a mysterious creature that is killing off crew members one by one. An Esquimaux woman appears and is taken in by the crew of the Terror. She is a mysterious figure, who cannot speak because her tongue has been chewed out. They call her “Lady Silence,” and she is a major cause of worry for the captain of The Terror because of her mysterious nature and actions.

The experiences of the crews differ because of the different ways the captains deal with the situation. The captain of The Terror spends his time worrying about the present, while the captain of The Erebus worries about the past.

 I recommend this book to people who enjoy suspense, but who also have the maturity to handle some of the stronger themes.

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