The Walking Drum, by Louis L’Amour, was published in 1984 by Bantam Books. This 468-page book recounts the adventures of a unique young man named Maturin Kerbouchard during his quest to find his father. He has an insatiable desire to know the truth and to expand his learning in all areas of knowledge. He is also skilled in many forms of combat including the Celtic way of fighting and the Moorish art of swordplay. Whenever he meets a beautiful woman, he falls in love with her and then is almost immediately separated from her. His adventures and desire for learning take him from being a slave on a ship to being a scholar, a soldier, a merchant, and finally an alchemist.

This book is one of my all-time favorites because I never experienced a boring moment while reading it. Kerbouchard makes enemies who either attack him immediately or show up later and attack him then. “I shall come, I repeated, for today he who rides before an army may tomorrow lie in its dust. I have only a sword, but a strong man need wish for no more than this: a sword in the hand, a horse between his knees, and the woman he loves at the battle’s end.”

The Walking Drum is an enjoyable and exciting novel of adventure, which I recommend highly.

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