We are building a bridge at FMA to connect one side of the creek to the other without having to walk down into the little gully and back up the other side.
We started with measurements. We got a tape measure and discovered the span was 33 feet. Then we built rock foundations on either side to support the logs. Next, we went out to look for a tree to cut. It took an hour or so, but we found the right tree; straight and long. It took about 30 minutes to cut it down, and once it fell we began the process of cutting a length of 35 feet to make sure we had enough to work with. Next we started de-barking the log, because without bark they will not rot as fast. This took several days to complete using drawknives. After we finished peeling the first log, we went in search of a second tree, which we found just up the trail. We cut another 35-foot length and began peeling it, which took another couple of days.
We used logs, cut to length, as rollers to move the trees down to where we wanted them. After some tree clearing was completed, we moved the first log with a rope and rollers about 20 yards to the spot where we wanted it. It was hard work moving it and it took several hours, but we managed to put it in place. Then it was time to move the second log, so we used the same process, and we moved it down and in place in less time, having learned from our mistakes the first time. We jacked the logs up and put additional rocks on both sides and underneath to level them and to separate them from the dirt, to help keep the logs from rotting.

Next we started making a path to the new bridge by digging and laying rocks along the sides of the trail. Once that was finished, we went in search of trees to use for making the bridge planks, which would be six feet long and two feet wide. So far we only have two cut, but we are continuing to work on it, and, even though we haven’t set a clear date for completion, we will keep working until it is finished.

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  1. What a wonderful project, and you explained it so graphically that I was able to envision exactly what you are doing. I hope we get to see some pictures of the progress and the completion. Thanks, Myles, for sharing.

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