Brotherhood is defined as the state of being a brother or brothers, but I believe it extends much further than that.

During my time here at FMA, and throughout my life, I have had both good and bad experiences with this concept. To me, brotherhood means a person or persons I can rely on and trust because they actually care about my well-being. As with most things, brotherhood works both ways. I cannot be in or part of a brotherhood unless I, in return, can be trusted, relied upon, and show that I care. I recently had an experience where I was talking about someone breaking the “Bro Code,” after they had repeated something I had said about someone else. I accused him of breaking the “code,” but I wasn’t willing to recognize that I was breaking the same “code” by being an untrustworthy, uncaring friend, and talking about that person behind his back.

Brotherhood and “The Bro Code,” are two completely different things. Although following the “Bro Code” forbids a person from betraying his friends, it is far from a real and earnest brotherhood because it doesn’t require honor. Brotherhood is earned over a long and faithful relationship and it should not just be thrown out there like it is so often today. I hope that someday we will actually form a real brotherhood here so we can trust each other and become a true team.

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