There are many things I care about, but two of them have distinct similarities: knives and relationships. I care about knives because they fascinate me, and I care about relationships because, when they are good, they make my life more enjoyable.
When you first get a new knife, it is shiny and razor sharp, but as it is used and is put to the test time and time again, it gets dulled and nicked. When this happens it is a good idea to care for it by filing out the nicks and honing the blade back to its original edge.
The same can be said for relationships. When you meet a new friend, everything is interesting and fresh, but, as time passes, the friendship is put through the trials of expectation, argument, and separation, which can “nick and dull” its sharpness.

Just as with a knife, a relationship needs to be cared for by regaining lost contact, owning up to past wrongs, and starting fresh.

One Response to Caring by Joseph S.

  1. jsariego says:

    You are becoming quite the philosopher. There is another similarity between knives and relationships – they can hurt you if you do not handle them properly. Love. Dad.

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