Cats Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut was a very interesting book. It touched on a lot of societal issues about religion, philosophy, and the dangers of true knowledge. In the story the main character, the author, applies his newfound faith to events that have happened to him previously.

This tale begins with the narrator in the hometown of Felix Hoenikker, the father of the atom bomb, interviewing Hoenikker’s children: Newt, Angela and Franklin. Through these interviews he learns that Hoenniker at the time of his death, was working on a substance called Ice-9, capable of turning all the water in the world into ice with a melting point of 144.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

Ultimately it is on the fictional island of San Lorenzo where the absurdist heart of Vonnegut’s novel beats most strongly. But to tell too much about that would be to deprive the reader of introducing themselves to Bokonism and all that that entails!

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