Change. It’s the beginning of life. Sometimes it feels like a stab in the heart with a knife. We all may not like it at times, but most of the time it’s worth it.

Me, though, I am wanting to help more around the house and on the farm than I did at home. I am being challenged and it makes me stronger. For example: writing this article! I really don’t enjoy writing, I would rather be reading. But I know it will strengthen me because my writing skills will increase phenomenally.

I know exactly what I want to work towards in life. I have made a plan and I will take the correct steps to fulfill it. My plan is to make it through to college (University of South Carolina) and make the football team. I would also like to study zoology.

In conclusion I would like to leave you with words from my classmates about the changes they have encountered thus far from this year at Freedom Mountain Academy.

“I am a lot less violent and stressed.”–Jose D.

“I have a calmer demeanor.”–Jamie A.

“I feel as though my vocabulary has increased”–Garrett C.

“I am a better cook.”–Rob M.

“I feel I am more ‘buff’ (physically and mentally) than before.”–Pat S.

“I feel as if I have become stronger”–Daniella R.

“I feel that this is more of a home than just a new school”–Chasity G.

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  1. hi Trey! Can’t wait to see you! Good blog article… Love, Louise

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