I left FMA in January and came back near the end of April. After trying to get away from the place for so long, I realized I belonged here and that I wanted to be here. Being away for nearly four months, I have noticed many things that have changed, and also many things that stayed the same. This article is about the changes.

When I left FMA in January, I remember all the students were saying they didn’t want to be here, and they were ready to leave. One of the first things I noticed, as I was welcomed back, was how everyone was glad to be here and had a willing attitude. I was overwhelmed by the positivity and could not help feeling the same way.

Another thing I noticed was how much everyone had improved academically. In mathematics, at the beginning of the year, there were one or two students who were the best, and everyone else was struggling. Now after four months, all of the students have gained math skills, and I had to try very hard to keep up with them. Everyone had also gained impressive skills in creative writing, and did great work in the drills we had.

So, what I’ve noticed coming back is how everyone here has improved in both attitude and academics, flourishing as a result.

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