I woke up expecting to spend another normal day at school. Suddenly, during third period, I was called to the office. There I met my brother and my mother, who was talking to the assistant principle.

Little did my brother and I know at the time that we were leaving school early and heading to John Wayne Airport to board a plane to Tennessee. I am in Tennessee now attending Freedom Mountain Academy.

At first, I was stubborn, and refused to get on the plane, so the Sheriff’s deputies were called, and they gave me a little “talk” about how getting on the plane could possibly benefit my future. Not knowing much about where I was headed, I was still a little hesitant about getting on the plane, and, because of my moment of refusal, we missed the plane and had to wait for more than six hours for the next flight.

Although I didn’t know anything about it at first and I’ve only been here a short time, I’m actually enjoying my time here at FMA. There are still lots of moments when I feel I’m still getting used to it, as I’ve gone to a public school my whole life, but overall it’s been a pretty enjoyable experience.

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