When life is all happy the sun shinning bright
When people are in harmony, nobody fights
Ill be with my loved ones, free and care less
But when the world goes bad, it becomes a bad mess

Some virtues are needed to help us get through
One of them is compassion, largest of the few
It helps me be selfless, to listen to others
Like the sad crying babies, unloved by their mothers

Because their mothers have nothing, they’re in poverty
Their murmurs of hunger echo up the cold street
And I have food waiting in my home, warm and bright
Ill give them my lunch to last them the night

Because I feel their pain, the hunger and woes
How the cold wind blows hard through their torn ragged clothes
If I give them some toys, I’ll lose petty fun
But I gain something more valuable, called compassion

For feeling their pain and showing I care,
I lose the wire of a cold evil snare
Called selfishness, anger, indulgence and wrath
I walk a far better virtuous path

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