This summer I went to Costa Rica. I was so excited about going. I have always wanted to go, and it was my first time outside of the U.S. I flew down with my granddad and my uncle, who dropped me off in San Jose, Costa Rica. Outward Bound staff picked me up in San Jose, and we headed to their headquarters. After two weeks there, I was on my way to the best surf spot in Central America. It’s right up there with Fiji and the West Coast Pipeline.

It was a five-hour drive to Witch’s Rock. The five of us stopped for lunch along the coast and then stocked up on food at the grocery store.  We completed the remaining three-hour drive and a one-hour hike down a steep rocky slope to beautiful Witch’s Rock.

After unpacking and setting up camp, we immediately hit the water to check out the surf. It was huge! These were the biggest waves I had ever surfed in my life, about five to ten feet over head. After many failed attempts, I got out of the water and went back to camp for dinner.

The next day, we started surfing at about 10:00 a.m. The waves were beautiful. Perfect. I paddled out and waited in the small line up. To my surprise, I saw a small alligator in the line up. I guess he was waiting to surf too. After that, I caught my first wave. It was awesome. I went in the tube, but didn’t make it out.

Witch’s Rock was great!

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