On Saturday morning, we took the pig George’s life away from him, and cut him up into little pieces. Mr. Kevin said to the class that if we wanted to witness and learn how to skin a pig, we could come down to the woodshed and observe the process.

Mr. Mike harvested George with a .22 pistol. It took one shot to take him down. Then he cut his throat so all the blood would run out so it wouldn’t bleed as much when we skinned it. We skinned George in the woodshed, from his toes to his head. (He was hanging upside down.)

Most of the students watched as Mr. Mike and Mr. Kevin took apart every part of the pig. Some students got in there too and helped skin the pig with razor sharp knives. We took out all of the organs and nasty stuff. Aidan, Jeremy, Chasity, and I partook in eating the pig’s liver, because we saw this happen in a movie about Indians eating the liver when they killed a buffalo.

Finally, when the head was cut off, Jeremy and I skinned off all the skin and got 15 extra pounds of meat off of George’s head.

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