Dear Future Person,

I know that when you first get here you won’t like it, and I’m not telling you to believe it gets better, but it does. If you make it the nine months and challenge yourself, I guarantee that you will leave here stronger, not only physically, but also with the mental strength to pursue whatever you want.

One thing I picked up: Some of the best friends I will ever have.
One thing I gave away: My strength and hard work during work chores.
One thing I left behind: This letter to you, my friend, and a little child that was inside of me who wanted to destroy me.
One thing I want to say: Live all the days of your life.
One thing I borrowed: The knowledge of others to start my journey.
One thing I would take back: Not doing my homework at the beginning, because I would have enjoyed myself more in my short stay here.
One thing I came to love: My friends, my inner self, and my spirit.
One thing I lack: The ability to now say, “It’s just good enough.”

So enjoy yourself and have a blast, because I guarantee by the time you get where I am, you’ll love it too. I don’t know you, but I’m your friend when you think you don’t have one. Oh, and when you are on expedition and you’re hiking through five feet of snow, don’t get down because you have good food and a warm shower when you return. You will get a trail name for your actions – mine was Mountain Mover because I carried a rock (40 lb) from Highway 58 to Saunders Shelter then back to FMA because it was warm from the fire. Ha! That does sound crazy. Don’t ever sit on the side of the trail and die.

Your friend in Australia,

Cree D.
Mountain Mover  

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