Dear Resident of Room #2,

One thing I picked up was honesty. I am much more honest than I was when I first came.
One thing I gave away was my ring. I gave it to Cree so that he wouldn’t forget me.
One of the things I left behind coming here was anger. I don’t get as angry here as I do at home.
One thing I want to say is do what they tell you to, because, at the beginning of the year, I got very angry and decided that I didn’t want to work, so I didn’t. It just got worse for me, so, eventually, I decided to work normally again.
One thing I borrowed from people a lot is words. I used other people’s words a lot, which made people think less of me.
One thing I would take back is bad things I said to the junior staff. It didn’t get me in trouble, but it did make me feel bad later.
One thing I came to love is the people here. It took me quite awhile, but I did.
One thing I know I lack is not talking. I talk way too much, and I am not very patient with people.
Jonny C.
Blues Traveler
P.S. Make sure you keep your room clean and do your work.

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