Dear Roomie,

I give my room to you. I’ve given it up to move. In this room, I have laughed; I’ve cried; I’ve done my work.
And now this beautiful room is yours. I know tonight you don’ t know how you will ever survive this wacky school. You do not know how to chop wood or light the lamp. It’s easy. You may have been sent by your parents, unwilling to go at first. Or maybe you are like me and you wanted to come. It was the best decision of my life. Just one tip – have an open mind. You will love going on expeditions like I did. Waking up at 4:30 a.m. is not so bad.
Having friends for the first time in your life – feeling relieved at being wrong about something your life seemed to revolve around – learning etymology is wonderful. This may seem like the phoniest letter you have ever read, but it’s from my heart.
You may pick up an amazing book and it may change you. You will leave behind habits you hate so much. You will borrow ideas on life, virtue, and people. You will leave lacking ignorance. You will leave as an adult, confident, and with a plan.
Yeah, you might miss your family and friends, but I assure you they are not gone forever.
Freedom Mountain Academy changed me – the unchangeable. I shall say one more thing – go in with an open mind and you will find family, the future at your fingertips, and yourself. It will be worth it, my friend. It will be worth it.
Hope A.
Card Trick
P.S. Ask Mr. Dan to show you my card trick.

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