The December expedition is a mini-expedition, a three-day, two night trip up the hill behind FMA during which the kitchen crew prepares meals in the “cowboy kitchen” while the other students work on managing the FMA woodlot.

On Day One, we followed our usual schedule (History class, expedition breakfast, morning chores, the whole kit and caboodle) followed by that last pack check which always chills my spine in case I forgot something. We then set out for a 12-minute hike. That’s all. Once we arrived at the logging camp, which had been set up the day before, I started the group fire with more difficulty than usual. I blame the wood. Then we set to work burning last year’s brush piles.

Day Two was my day in the kitchen. While my classmates worked on wood clearing, Mr. Frank and I prepared chicken and dumplings for supper. When I wasn’t cooking, I sat in the kitchen area doing homework and keeping the fire going.

On Day Three, we began our descent. Kitchen Crew headed out first, carrying the kitchen down the hill on our backs. After we finished unpacking we set to work preparing the post-expedition feast, the centerpiece of which is Parmesan chicken, which I prepared this time.

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