Day One: We hiked about three miles from the school, mostly along the road, which eventually ended in grass and then we were in the forest. Shortly after getting into the woods, we stopped and ate lunch next to the creek. For the next four hours, I helped clear campsites, which we then used to set up our tents. Joseph cooked our lentils and rice, and then we went to class. After class, Joseph and I sat around our campfire in the dark for about an hour, and then climbed into the tent for the night. During the night, raccoons came into our campsite, and Joseph threw his excavating tool toward where the sounds were coming from. He missed and his shovel got stuck in a tree, but the raccoons did not come back that night, or the next.
Day Two: I woke up and started the fire. Joseph cooked the oatmeal, while I started collecting more firewood. We met up with the other students for class and then started clearing more campsites. After a short lunch break, we had another class and then Joseph and I cooked supper. After the last class of the evening, we sat around the fire and talked awhile in the dark, and then went to bed.
Day Three: I woke up at 5:30 and started the fire, while Joseph got the oatmeal ready to cook. As it was cooking, we started packing up our camp so we could move up to Saddle Camp. It only took us 30 minutes to pack our gear, and then we started hiking. We came upon a blocked portion of the trail, and, as I was crossing a wet log, I slipped and hurt myself. Not badly, but I could barely use my right side that day. We cleared a gigantic fallen oak tree off the trail and continued on. We stopped for a break and read 1984 for about an hour, and then we started up a tiring mountain trail that never seemed to end. Once at the top, we walked along the ridge of the mountains for several hours before reaching Saddle Camp. Down below, I could see small country houses so far away it was like I was looking at them from an airplane. Once we got to Saddle Camp, I started the fire and Joseph and I cooked our lentils and rice and went to class. We returned to our camp, and sat around the fire for a bit, and then went to bed.
Day Four: When I woke up, the wind outside our tent sounded horrible, but when I got outside it wasn’t as bad as it had sounded. I got the fire started so Joseph and I could get our oatmeal cooked. After class, we hiked to Upper Birch Branch, clearing the trail along the way. We had lunch at Upper Birch Branch and then continued to clear the trail for another four hours. When we hiked back up to Saddle Camp, the wind was blowing fiercely.
Day Five: I woke to stiff winds which felt gale force. At intervals I could see the city lights below, and it was spectacular to see them in the dark from on top of a mountain. I gathered wood for the fire while Joseph got our food ready. When light came, I could see a cold front coming in. We started back to Flatwood, and in the process, we cleared an old trail on the way back down. After a short lunch break, we continued toward Flatwood, where we went to class, cleared some more campsites, read some more 1984, cooked some supper, and had another class. Then we went back to our camp, and sat by the fire and talked until it started to rain. Then we went into the tent and to bed.
Day Six: When I woke up it was still raining. I got out of the tent and started the fire. Joseph got the oatmeal ready and cooked it, and then we packed up our camp. By then the rain had stopped, and we were the first tent group to get to the rally point. When everyone was there, we did some final work on our campsites, and a little work on the trail we had been working on there. Then we started our hike back to the school, which didn’t seem as long on the way back as it did on the way out. I was relieved to be back at the school with a roof and a bed and a hot meal waiting for me. The only down side was that the water line had been broken and we didn’t have hot showers. That water was cold!

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