The second expedition was a 15-mile trip up Gentry Creek to the Tri-State in the Appalachian Mountains. On day one I woke up to a cool, but sunny morning, and ate a good breakfast at the school. Then I boarded the bus for a short ride to Star Gap Road, where we were dropped off to begin our adventure. A few miles up Gentry Creek, we stopped and set up our first camp. We had some classes and then went to bed.

On day two I woke up to another nice morning, and got the fire going so that my tent partner, Liam, and I could cook oatmeal. After our hot meal, we packed up and hiked farther up the creek to our next camp.  There we took a short hike up to Kate Branch to do some rappelling. The rappelling was very exciting, but also scary. I felt like I was about to fall off the rock. After rappelling, we headed back to camp to eat supper and relax.

On day three I woke up to a crisp blue sky. I packed up the tent, and Liam got breakfast going over a nice warm fire. After that, we hiked up the creek, over Gentry Falls, and on to our next camp. We settled in and had some first-aid classes.

On day four, I woke up feeling very sick. I tried to eat some oatmeal, but it made me feel even worse. After breakfast, we took a hike up to the Tri-State area where Tennessee, North Carolina, and Virginia come together. The weather was nasty and cold, so after eating lunch at the Tri-State we headed back to camp. That night I threw up on my sleeping bag, and after I tossed it outside, tried to sleep in the freezing tent with nothing warm. I was very cold and didn’t get much sleep.

On day five, I woke up feeling much better, but still cold. We were given a rest day, and would head back to the school from that camp rather than moving on to the next one. I gathered wood and kept warm by the fire, and then got back into my tent and slept for almost sixteen hours!

On day six, we packed up and hiked down the trail in warm weather to Star Gap Road, where we saw the bus waiting for us. I was so grateful for it. It had been a long trip, and we were finally heading back to the school, and some really good chicken!

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