Day One: We loaded up on the bus and drove to Star Gap Road and then walked to our first campsite. It was along Gentry Creek, so we all had our own water source. After setting up camp, we gathered wood and then got together for rally where we learned emergency rappelling using the Dulfersitz method.

Day Two: We woke up early, before the sun was even up, and started our fires. I cooked a delicious breakfast. After breakfast, we took a short hike to the rappelling wall, where we all completed the rappel. Afterward we took a day hike up to the top of Winnie Knob.

Day Three: We packed up our camp and headed out, hiking farther up Gentry Creek to our next camp, which also had great water.

Day Four: We woke up early, as usual, and packed up our camps and then headed out for our next camp. This took us up a steep and overgrown climb to get around and above Gentry Falls. Once we got to camp, we had classes, built a stretcher, cooked our meals, and slept well.

Day Five: We packed up and took a short hike to our next camp. From there we went on a beautiful day hike to the Tri-State. On the way back, our group got separated and six students wandered off. Mr. Dan and Mr. Mike went looking for them. By evening two of them had separated from the others and had hiked off the mountain.

Day Six: We packed up for the last time and headed back to FMA where we were reunited with the other students who had not finished the expedition with us. We were all glad to see them and have a great meal together.

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