There are many struggles when first starting at FMA, many of which are difficult to overcome. One of my biggest challenges has been coping with homesickness. If you love someone very much, it is difficult to be away from them. With every letter I read from home, or every phone call, I usually end up in tears. I love my family very much, and I know they love me. They loved me enough to want the best for me, and that is why they sent me to FMA.

If you are reading this, I am guessing that your parents had the same motives for you, too. Every time you catch yourself thinking of them, and feeling discouraged, think to yourself, “They want me to be here, and I am going to keep going for them and myself.” Then, try and busy your mind with other tasks.

Missing your family is hard but it is possible to get through it. Every day, get up and make yourself feel clean. It is one of the best mood brighteners. It will help you feel better and will distract you from being sad and thinking about home. Especially on expedition, this is very important. When you are out for the first time you will be overwhelmed with many difficult tasks that often make people feel very temperamental. Staying clean is a very healthy way to make yourself feel better.

Write lots of letters, too. Even though it may be hard at first, it will get easier.

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