The farm crew, consisting of myself and Jordan B., is the heart and soul of Freedom Mountain Academy. No other job on the FMA campus plays such an important role. The realization of the necessity of the job did not come to me until just recently. I used to believe that floor crew and kitchen crew were just as important, but little did I know.

Farm crew provides many things, such as eggs, wood, and food for the animals. Without Jordan and me performing these tasks, there is a strong likelihood we would all suffer to some extent.

Providing the eggs is vital because they bring us valuable nutrients and also make very tasty breakfasts. These eggs are collected each morning by either Jordan or me.

Wood, for those of you who don’t know, allow the kitchen crew to cook, and the floor crew to be comfortable while they are cleaning. It also keeps us all warm during harsh weather.

Providing food for the animals is one of the more difficult farm crew jobs. It requires either Jordan or me to take the leftover food collected from FMA meals to the pigs. Without this job being done, there would be no happy pigs, which would result in bad meals.

In my previous work experience, I have never played such a crucial role. Looking at FMA metaphorically, as a vehicle, the wood alone would account for the engine, the heater, and the radio. Without Jordan and me, we would all die of either starvation or hypothermia.

So the next time you are bragging about your job at FMA, just remember that Jordan and I are providing the most important service. Floor crew temporarily seizes dirt, but farm crew keeps the heart pumping at FMA. Farm crew eliminates death.

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