One of my favorite poems is called “Life of a Teenager,” and it was written by a young South African named Kamva Bobo. I chose this poem because it expresses exactly what life as a teenager is all about.

The less worries I have, the more happiness I will have. I cannot sit around and dwell on what people say if they are gossiping about me.

I find the words touching because if everyone could live like this, then so many people would be on the right path rather than the wrong one. I have learned some of these lessons already.

This is a favorite of mine because not only does it provide me with some simple instructions for getting through my teen years and young adulthood, it also inspires me by saying I can, and I will.

Life is full of thrills
And life can be tough
Yes life is full of chills
But life can be rough
Making decisions
Choosing your future
Isn’t easy as it seems
Dealing with pressure
Dealing with school
As people criticize you
They make you look like a fool
Drama and gossip
Floating around
People are talking
No truth to be found
Hang out with friends
So the fun never ends
Don’t drink and drive
Maybe then you’ll save a life.
Be careful who you trust
Take a risk if you must
Share all your laughter
Smile every day
Forget all your problems
Its better that way
Just know who you are
Believe you can make it
Live your life to the fullest
And try not to break it.

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