Fear is a powerful emotion. Some people hide their fear, even though it is better to be open about it, so that it can be faced head-on. I hide my fear at times, and, when I do, I don’t often notice how it is holding me back. The reason I hide my fears is to make myself look like I’m fearless so people will think highly of me. When I notice what I am doing, I try to get rid of my fear either by using it to make me stronger, or sometimes by just recognizing that it can’t really hurt me. I think of Batman, who overcame his terror of bats by incorporating them into his alter-ego.

Fear is the root of many emotions that do me no good. Fear leads me to anger, which leads me to hate, which leads me to rejection, which leads me to self pity and so on.

One of the keys to overcoming fear is truly knowing yourself. As Sun Tzu said, “Know yourself, know your enemy (fear), 1000 encounters, 1000 victories.” The first step to victory is knowing yourself.

2 Responses to Fear by Jonathan C.

  1. Very powerful and very insightful. You are well on your way to becoming a young man who really knows himself, and that is so very important in life. Thanks for sharing a piece of your soul.

  2. jsariego says:

    "To know others is wise; to know yourself is enlightened". Zen saying

    Jose Sariego

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