The Boondock Saints is the gripping story of two simple Irishmen with a thirst for justice and vengeance, and a hatred of all things evil. They begin to devise ingenious plans to perform hits on mob bosses, Mafiosos and even low-profile street scum. Their friend David Della Rocco uses his position in the Italian Mafia to gain information on mobsters such as times and locations that they would be vulnerable for hits.

The Boondock Saints was made in a style that makes the audience feel the maximum amount of suspense possible. The film has a Quentin Tarantino feel to it; it is not shown in chronological order, but rather in a flashback/flash-forward style. Only after seeing a crime scene crawling with detectives, coroners, and forensic teams, do you witness the firefight which preceded it. This film features the best acting I have ever seen and portrays the plot in the most believable fashion. It is the type of movie that sends tingles up and down your spine and the emotional impact lingers long afterward.

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