In the beginning,
The curtain was lifting.
We came from many different places,
Each wearing our own pretend faces.

A mask carefully hid who I really was,
While I looked with hope to find a cause,
To cast off the mask that I was wearing,
To discover in them some reason for caring.

The story moved on through the first act,
I walked a tightrope, keeping my pact.
I wore my face and said my lines,
Always looking for a clear sign.

Some good reason I just had to find,
Some point in not leaving all this behind.
Some reason to care,
Some reason to share.

The second act came and went.
Many long days I had spent,
Watching others grow and care,
About the qualities they wanted to share.

The finale is just around the bend,
As the third act comes to an end,
I see the curtain about to drop down,
To the stage below where I can be found

Then I laugh in my own little way,
“Though this journey ends, I’ll be okay.
Survived and thrived these two years, have I.
I’ve grown and learned as the time flew by.”

If there’s one thing I now clearly see,
You are exactly who you choose to be,
Who you choose to see in the mirror each day,
Guides the days and months as they pass away.

Now the curtain closes, my mask I have put away.
Instead I see the face I’ve made through choices each day.
I smile a smile only I can see, finally knowing,
“This is who I choose to be?”

One Response to Finale by Garrett C.

  1. Kris says:

    What a beautiful poem! My cousins have a way of touching lives, don't they? They are amazing people and I wish I could have experienced those things you did when I was younger! Remember to read your own poem when you think life is getting tough! Your poem makes a powerful statement!

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