Have you ever wondered how to start a fire in any weather? I will tell you how to achieve a roaring campfire, whether it is raining, snowing, windy, one hundred percent humidity, or just a plain beautiful day

The first thing you need to know is that moisture is the enemy of your fire.  Wind is not an enemy, because a fire needs air. A mild exhaled breath can be the key to getting your fire going.

Start with a back log, because it allows you something to build your fire against, and will provide more heat once your fire is going; it will also allow you something to place larger pieces of firewood against. Then there are twiggies (small dry twigs broken to size). You can never have enough twiggies. Failure to start a fire is almost always due to insufficient twiggies. The quantity you need is what you think looks like enough, times three.

When laying your fire, begin by making a cave-like structure out of your twiggies so you can place a match in the middle and have the flame rise up and catch them on fire. Once this happens, start to gently blow on the twiggies until the fire spreads. You will want to immediately start putting slightly larger twigs on the burning twiggies, and as they catch fire, add slightly larger sticks. Soon you will have whatever size blaze you desire. That’s how you start a roaring fire.

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