After History class and breakfast every weekday, morning chores commence. As a member of the Floor Crew I can tell you that it is not fun, but it is necessary.

To sum up our job quickly; we clean the inside of our school and our living environment in the common room. My job requires me to refill and clean all the kerosene lamps and help the rest of the crew finish cleaning the floor. Most of the other members of the crew sweep, then they utilize wet rags to complete the cleansing of the floors and tables in the dining and classroom areas.

Daniella, Pat S., Robby C., Sofia, Liz, Garrett, Larissa, and Aidan, as well as Mr. Kevin and Allie, make up the rest of the crew.

Mr. Kevin also becomes our worst enemy instead of our ally when it comes time to inspect. If he finds twelve particles of dirt, dust bunnies, spots, etc., we have to clean the whole floor all over again. However, we have yet to re-do the floors entirely, probably because we do a good job.

When all of this is completed, we put the chairs back down and clean the lamp chimneys. While the occasional situation arises in which things get heated, it isn’t as bad as chores can be. In spite of tempers, not sitting, no breaks, and a time limit, the Floor Crew gets the school spotless every day on time.

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